New Year’s Resolution: Worry Less

New Year's Resolution: Worry Less

The Benefits of New
Don’t let the hidden costs and concerns of purchasing a used home catch you off guard. With a NEW home from John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods, you will appreciate the comfort and confidence of quality.

New Is Quality: Built to stricter standards, a new home offers quality and efficiency. Plus, every new John Wieland home is protected by the Wieland 5 Year – 20 Year Warranty (see below).

New is Greener: From ENERGY STAR appliances to low-E windows and renewable materials, our homes are greener, more efficient, and less costly for you to own and enjoy. John Wieland Greencraft Certified means your home is designed and constructed to our highest standards for quality and efficiency with the following details:

  • House wrap and pre-drywall penetration sealing provides improved thermal envelope with decreased water and air infiltration.
  • Engineered lumber made of renewable materials provides stronger construction and more consistent quality with less waste.
  • Vinyl windows with energy efficient low-E glass insulate better against heat or cold.
  • Custom-engineered 13 SEER HVAC systems with programmable thermostats head and cool efficiently.
  • ENERGY STAR qualified compact fluorescent light bulbs cut energy use more than 75%.
  • Aerated plumbing fixtures and water-saving toilets conserve water.

New is Better: Up-to-date floorplans, current features, even wiring for today’s technology – made for the way you want to live.

New is Personal: Don’t settle for the previous owner’s design choices, personalize your own! Visit our New Home Design Studio and choose from thousands of choices to create your dream home from flooring to shingles to everything in between.

The Best Warranty in the Business
Build with us and gain the confidence of knowing your home is backed by the best warranty in the industry – the exclusive Wieland 5 Year – 20 Year Warranty. No other builder in the business provides its homebuyers with a better protection plan for your home.

5 Year Warranty Includes:

  • Roof and Basement Leaks – Plumping Leaks at Fixtures, Fittings, Interior Pipes
  • Sewer Leaks
  • Interior Gas Leaks
  • Defects in Electrical Main Panel, Electrical Service Disconnect, Wiring, Switches, and Outlets
  • HVAC Coverage for the Compressor, Condenser Coil, Heat Exchanger, and Thermostats

20 Year Warranty Includes:

  • Structural Defects in the Load-Bearing Elements of Your Home

Warranty is subject to certain conditions and exclusions as defined by the warranty document provided when you purchased your home. Please refer to your document for specific details concerning your coverage and warranty items or Download the Wieland 5 Year – 20 Year Warranty.

Note: If you are a John Wieland homeowner, you may find that your home is warranted under our previous 5/10, 2/10, or HBW warranty. Please refer to your warranty documents to verify the warranty provided for your home. If you have questions about your warranty coverage, please contact John Wieland Customer Relations..